Information Technology combined with Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) are increasingly a part of the diagnostic and administrative matrix of healthcare delivery. The modern facility is dependent on computers and network communication.  Data management and delivery is critical to delivering cost effective healthcare and it is essential for maintaining HIPAA compliance.

enBio offers Biomedical IT solutions including workstations, storage, server and software. Our Biomedical IT programs provide cost effective and integrated systems. We build and manage these systems by addressing the needs you have today with an eye on your future requirements, thereby increasing the return on your investment.

Outsourcing PACS administration will continue to grow as medical facilities seek new ways to lower costs. enBio works with many PACS networks including Centricity (Radworks), Amicas, Fuji, eFilm, Ramsoft, Sectra and WinRad32.

Our biomedical information technology consultants understand the nexus of biomedical equipment and information technology.  This expertise allows us to customize solutions to fit the needs of any size facility.

Managing information effectively is critical for quality health care. Make it happen with enBio Biomedical IT Administration services.