“We don’t say it enough but we very much appreciate our on-going partnership with enBio.”
Executive Director

“Really appreciate all you’ve accomplished to bring our program up to the next level. Your dedication, expertise and GREAT follow up are something to be admired and practiced by all. If I were asked to give a rating on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being “excellent”, I’d give you a score of 11.”
Director, Plant Operations

“The enBio team is awesome! Thank you all!”
Facility Services Director

“I enjoyed enBio’s services from the first day I walked in.  I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”
T. A.
Chief Executive Officer

“Thank you for all your help!  Your staff has been wonderful out here!  Keep up the good work!”
Director of Facilities Management

“Kudos to the tech, who came in today to do our Annual PM on our equipment. She was the first tech who I felt did a comprehensive PM on all of our equipment. Thank you so much for her good work. She was excellent!!”
Site Manager

“Our nurse let me know that enBio’s tech was kind, understanding, and responsive. She let me know he worked around her busy schedule. She also let me know that he took the time to walk through the problems with her EKG machine and explained everything clearly. She let me know that he followed up with her throughout the entire PM process for the day. She asked me if he could be our permanent PM tech. I just want to thank your team for always being the best of the best every time.”
Facilities Manager

“You are so easy to work with.  I wished all our Suppliers were like you!!!”
Capital Purchasing